Love Doing Outdoor Events? A Portable P.A. Will Help

This article on portable P.A.s was written originally for the blog at Carvin Amps and Audio. It was focused on COVID limitations but it’s still super relevant for outdoor events, which are always cool! I repost it here with some updates, and encourage you to check out Carvin’s amazing line of products! Also – notification: I sometimes use affiliate links. Some purchases may earn me a commission! 🙂

The COVID-19 pandemic lasted a lot longer than anyone hoped, and one area hit hard was the live event industry. Whether you’re a gigging musician, public speaker, or a church, you no doubt had to adjust and change your way of doing things for a while – and for some of us, some changes were permanent.

So, outdoor events have become more important – likely that will be a semi-permanent change – and so what? Outdoor concerts are awesome!

But with outdoor events, you can’t often rely on house P.A. systems, so you may want to take a look at some portable options that can deliver great sound outside (and help keep your stage organized).

Luckily, that’s exactly what my friend at Carvin Audio specialize in, so I thought now would be a good time to introduce you to a few of their portable systems.

Carvin Audio’s TRX Series

Carvin’s top line systems are our TRX series. The TRC600A is an 8000 watt system which projects up to 400 feet. This is a fully equipped system, including two pair of TRX3900 column array loud speakers and four TRx3118A 200 watt powered subwoofers.

With DSP processing, incredible power and clarity, and a super lightweight design, the TRC600A provides enough power and portability for any event, any time. Rock bands, DJ shows, big outdoor church services: you name it.

Who should consider the TRC600A and TRX series systems

Churches, music venues, bands – anyone who’s got a big audience and needs to move things outdoors would do well with the TRC600A. If you feel like you don’t need quite that much, you might look to the TRC400A or even the 2000 watt TRC200A.

These systems offer the same transparent audio, small footprint, power, and built in DSP, with fewer components, for those “pretty big” outdoor events that don’t call for as many speakers and subs, but still need a robust solution.

An even simpler solution

Even if you’re not putting on big events, you still may find yourself outside, looking for a portable sound solution. Carvin’s Audio’s QX15A is an active P.A. loudspeaker suitable for use as a main or a monitor. With 1000 watts of bi-amped power, these can deliver plenty of crystal-clear sound for a wide variety of events and outdoor spaces. Since they’re powered, you don’t have to have a separate amp, and since they come with a built in 3-channel mixer with Bluetooth connectivity you may not even need a separate mixer.

The QX15A’s work perfectly as stage monitors too, so you can expand and contract your set up as needed. Using the Bluetooth feature, you can link cabinets together for a true stereo, wireless solution, or even link up the SCx18a subwoofer for a complete, fully wireless sound system with real oomph.

For an even more affordable solution, the QX15A’s little brother, the SCX12A main/monitor, provides just as much wattage in a smaller footprint, giving you the flexibility to travel and perform on even the smallest outdoor stage. The SCX12A packs a punch in a small package, includes a 2-channel mixer, and utilizes a DSP limiter to protect the driver and horns from peaks during a performance.

These active loudspeakers even have fly points, so they can be included in a multitude of setups.

Stay Safe, Make Noise

We’ve all had to make adjustments, and some may be permanent – but even without that, who doesn’t love outdoor concerts?? So, if you’re looking for a way to keep rocking, keep inspiring, and keep making noise – outside – Carvin’s portable P.A. systems are a great solution! 🙂

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