About Aaron (founder of RLM)

Hi. I'm Aaron.

I’ve been making records for 30 years. Since 1994. Really longer, if you count me making pause loop tapes and terrible rap songs in high school. EVEN LONGER if you ask my mother, who says I made my first “record” by making my friend Clay yell “I call my cousin crazy” into a cassette recorder over and over when I was six.

I’ve worked in studios, I’ve toured as a musician and poet, I’ve built about 20 home studios, and I’ve done everything you can imagine in audio, entertainment, film, etc. Sometimes for big things, usually for tiny things.

I’ve never had a lot of money but I have made a lot of records. I also earned a master’s degree from Stanford University in “Music, Science and Technology” – a combo of acoustics, computer science, psychoacoustics, music psychology…etc. Oooooh faannncccy. Point is I know my stuff and I know a damn lot about making music with very little resources.

I’m not your major label guru. I’ve never been a rock star. But I have been in business as a musician and music maker for all this time and never died! That says something I think! So I know all the business mistakes you can make too – I’ve made them all twice.

So that’s me. I was also a poet (10th in the universe 2002 baby! 🙂 ), web developer, martial artist, I’ve played ice hockey for even longer than I’ve recorded, and I love my dog and cats and girlfriend and family. I’m a person. So now you know that, in case I try to sell you something. It’s not a scam if I do!

There you go. Peruse around. I made this for two reasons: To share my knowledge and help people like me and to make buttload of money. 🙂

Ok the buttload may be a bit much, but I do monetize the blog posts, I’ll sell useful products like ebooks, maybe courses in the future, I use affiliate links, etc. So don’t be surprised by that. It’s part of being resourceful – just like Macgyver.

Ok bye!

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