February 2023

How to Beat Writer’s Block

Anyone can run into a little writer’s block from time to time. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, the waxing and waning of creative energy is an important part of the process, and everyone experiences a lull in creative flow at least once in their career – and usually it comes at regular intervals.

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Following the Competition (aka chasing music trends)

I was struck by how accurately this exchange describes a problem I’ve had with the music industry for a long time. So many times, gatekeepers ask for something they’ve heard before, and artists who need to put food on the table attempt to copy the vibe of some currently famous act.

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Mastering Good Stage Organization

…Then the singer tangles his foot in your cable, lurches forward, unplugs your cabinet with a screech, and bashes his forehead through the kick drum. The room is suddenly silent while you wonder why your strings make no sound. The greatest rock-n-roll moment in your band’s history? Maybe. But the show is also over – bloody and awesome as it may be.

More often, this foot-tangling disaster happens five minutes before go time, in which case you’ve got no show, no sound, and no epic moment.

This is just one reason you may want to take the time to master good stage organization.

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