December 2022

How To Calibrate A Studio Subwoofer

If your studio is lacking the low-end punch you need to hear what you’re doing with the bass frequencies, you might want to add a subwoofer to your setup. You may have even picked up something like Carvin Audio’s TRX3118A active subwoofer, but what you may not have thought about is how to set the level of your new sub.

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Sharing Backend Royalties (or not!)

Imagine this scene.  You’ve laid down an incredible piano part, a great vocal, and a passable drum line.  You’re thinking this song would really be better with a real drummer, and you know just the person.  You call them up, send them the track and they love it.  You know how to integrate their performance, you know how to be flexible and collaborative, and you’re confident the track will soar because of your friend’s influence.

But when you think about paying for that work, things get a little iffy.  Maybe your budget is tight and you’d rather not spend anything, but your friend normally costs $200 a session.  What can you offer?

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Mixing In Headphones – Is It Possible?

The days of every record being made in a commercial studio are long gone. In fact, some producers weren’t even born in those days. Now, productions are made everywhere from multi-million dollar studios to bedrooms to airplanes. With so many people making recordings on laptops and without high dollar monitors or proper acoustic treatment, it makes sense that more and more mixing is being done on headphones.

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