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Climb, Monkey, Climb

Climb, Monkey, Climb, by Third Option Not sure if I improv’d some of this or not. I think maybe I did. If I didn’t, then I just jotted something down real quick. You can tell by all the repetition that it’s not a long-crafted work of utter care. 🙂 I like the notion “this isn’t …

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Yellow And White

Yellow And White, by Third Option This was one of my slam poems that I used a lot. I ended up retiring it from slam as I got better in slam, because it actually doesn’t fit the form well enough to consistently get great scores. It doesn’t have the right rise and fall of energy …

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Amadeus by Third Option Here’s the next track on Frosted Mini Wheats. I almost want to say it should be obvious why it’s called Amadeus, but maybe people won’t recognize the melody. I’m not even entirely sure it IS Mozart. But the strings line is, I think, a Mozart melody which then goes elsewhere of …

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Oh Still is very important in the realm of Third Option! Still was totally different and not as cool, but then I met the poet Tamara Nicholl, and she wanted to record some poems, so I said ok hey I’ll record you if you let me use the samples. I was working on Frosted Mini …

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Goody Proctor

Goody Proctor by Third Option This was fun. I kept being moved by it. The samples I took from a cassette tape of an audio play – or maybe it was a recording of a theater production of The Crucible. I don’t really remember who it was that did it. I think it’s in the …

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