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Halloween In Denver

I kept thinking about this song this weekend: [sc_embed_player fileurl=”″] Halloween In Denver by Third Option It’s from the first Third Option album, Frosted Mini Wheats. I thought of doing that album, and thus created that act, when I had been beatboxing for an hour straight on the drive home from hockey practice when I …

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Frosted Mini Wheats

[sc_embed_player fileurl=”″] Frosted Mini Wheats by Third Option It’s a bit anticlimatic, I think, that this track is the title track. But still (at first I capitalized that, that’s funny) this one’s kinda fun and bouncy to me and I laugh because of the serious sounding essay text I’m reading where I’m talking about the …

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Applemania by Third Option This is the last actual tune on the Frosted Mini Wheats CD. It seems like I posted about this one before. No matter, I’m talking some more! Hmm. Little heavy on the low end in this one too. This is the one with the samples from the National Graphic floppy record …

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Amadeus by Third Option Here’s the next track on Frosted Mini Wheats. I almost want to say it should be obvious why it’s called Amadeus, but maybe people won’t recognize the melody. I’m not even entirely sure it IS Mozart. But the strings line is, I think, a Mozart melody which then goes elsewhere of …

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Oh Still is very important in the realm of Third Option! Still was totally different and not as cool, but then I met the poet Tamara Nicholl, and she wanted to record some poems, so I said ok hey I’ll record you if you let me use the samples. I was working on Frosted Mini …

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Procedure for recording Third Option “Frosted Mini Wheats” CD

Basic Setup: Initial Recording Format: 8 Track Darwin Harddisk Mix Destination Format: DAT Final Format: CD Master and Duplicated CD’s Mixer: Mackie 12 Channel VLZ Outboard Processing: Art SGE Mach II Efx Processor Synths: Alesis S4, Yamaha TG100, Boss DR660, Ensoniq Mirage Mics: AKG D1000E Mastering: TC Electronics Finalizer Procedure: Tracking: Most instrument tracks were …

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