acoustic treatment

Choosing Studio Monitors

I’ve lived a lot of places and built a lot of home studios. Once, someone came in and said, “this place will drive you insane”. That was probably because every wall was covered in ugly yellow egg crate bed foam purchased from Target – a bad acoustic solution and an even worse environment to spend time in…

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Swiss Army Recording Rooms

Not everybody has the luxury of a multi-room studio complete with control room, recording space, and booths. Many great recordists make do with one room which serves all these purposes and more. Some people even prefer it that way. After all, who wants to run back and forth between two rooms every take? Other than fitness buffs, that is.

Still, while it may be true that a most recordists work in one room, when we talk about acoustic treatment, we usually talk about specialized rooms such as mix rooms or live rooms.

So, we thought it’d be good to talk about acoustic treatment for multi-purpose spaces – the kind of space most people actually record in.

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It’s All About The Room

Why acoustic treatment should be your first expense This article first appeared in Recording Magazine. I reprint it here with permission, and I encourage you to subscribe to that publication, as they are a stand up bunch of folk! Being the adventurous, un-monied, and fairly non-famous soul that I am, I’ve been in a ton of low-end recording

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