Looking for music mixing services?? Well, yes, I can mix your track! Find out how it works, what people think of my mixes, and listen for yourself right here. Then when you’re ready, just contact me directly and we can get started!

First, let's listen

First things first. You almost certainly want to hear some mixes. Well here are some! Go crazy! I can help you put your best foot forward whether you’re rocking out with mean, dense, heaviness, or want smooth ethereal sparseness – or almost anything inbetween!

What My Collaborators Say

Aaron has mixed a few songs for me that were all signed to major libraries which means he knows what he is doing and that's what you want to know.
Having the talent to create and assemble melodies is one thing. Being able to shape and mold a song to make it sound amazing and professional is another gift all together. Aaron Trumm’s abilities flourish in both of these worlds.
I am awesome at mixing!
Aaron Trumm

Why Hire a Professional Mixer?

“Why am I here?” says you. “Can’t I mix stuff myself? Wouldn’t that be cheaper?” Well hell yes it would be cheaper! So is fixing your own car and doing your own dental work! But you’re a musician – an artist! You have shows, rehearsals, writing. Even if you have a natural proclivity for mixing, you may not have time or inclination to learn yet another skill or buy the right gear. That’s where I come in. I’m a musician too, but I did spend the time – 30 years of it! I love the mixing part of the process!

Get Better Mixes

At the end of the day, you’ll get a better, cleaner mix from a dedicated pro who’s thinking about nothing but the mix part of your tune.

Save time

You don’t have time for this! You have songs to write and gigs to do! Get your mixes done and ready to go while you write more songs and make more fans.

Reduce Stress

Mixing can be hard! DIY mixing works sometimes, but sometimes it’s frustrating! Endless changes, uncertainty, terrible car tests – why mess with all that headache? I’ve spent decades perfecting that craft and honing my listening environment so you don’t have to!

How It Works

Reach Out

Email me at aaron@recordinglikemacgyver.com and tell me about your project. You can send me a rough mix and references, and tell me about your influences and goals.

Send Me Your Separated Tracks

Once we’ve talked a bit and you’re ready to go, you’ll send me .wav files of your tracks, fully separated, eg: kick, snare, bass, guitar, vocal 1 – and so on. I’ll give you a guide on how to organize them so everything goes smoothly. At this point, you’ll pay half your fee upfront – don’t worry it’s fully refundable if things go astray.

I mix!

I mix your song! You’ll know ahead of time when I can fit it in my schedule. I may have questions, so you’ll want to answer you email!


You get two revisions included with the price of your mix. I’ll send a good mp3 and you listen, take notes, let your friends, manager, band mate listen. If you love it right away, great! If you hear something you want to tweak, great. Just send me a unified set of revisions and I’ll call up the mix and make the changes!

Payment and Delivery

Once you’ve approved everything by paying the balance, I’ll export everything you need: Full mix, instrumental, stems and clean mix if necessary, at full resolution. This will include a fully loud “mastered” version as well as a “pre-master” version that’s suitable to give to a mastering engineer.

Happy Dance!

Finally, we all do a happy dance and say how wonderful you are and you release your song and everyone loves it!

And get this: you get a 10% discount on your next mix if you write me an awesome testimonial.

And get THIS too: You get a 10% discount on your next mix for every new client you refer to me! Word of mouth, baby!

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