10x Your Tracks Without Buying Anything New!

Tired of having to buy some expensive plugin or new outboard gear every time you level up? Tired of companies and “gurus” telling you you’ll never make great songs without buying this or that?

Don’t believe it! You CAN get better and make great tracks, right now, without buying anything new! I made this eBook for you – so you could level up and 10x your tracks RIGHT NOW – without spending a dime (other than the $7 for the book 😉 )


I flooded this book with as many tips as I could, things I’ve learned over 30 years of not having money but making a lot of records! I’ve released tons of albums and songs, worked in small recording studios, big studios, done live sound, and all the while, I never got paid that well so I became super duper resourceful – like MacGyver!

In here, you’ll find out easy things you can do to level up like:

And as a bonus, at the end, I threw in a bunch of resources you can follow up on to get even more helpful stuff!

Don't let yourself go broke for no reason!

Let’s be real: you probably can’t make records for totally free. (prove me wrong though!). And it’s ok to get cool stuff and badass gear and software – sometimes that can make it easier and super fun!

But you don’t have to put yourself in the poor house to get started, or even just to make your songs better this year than they were last year!

So hey, grab the 10x Your Tracks eBook now and make the next song your best yet! It’s only 7 bucks. Skip a Starbucks and start making awesomer songs today!

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