You Took Something Away From Me

Let it be known, beatches!, that long before Limp Biskit and all these fucking wankers, and even before I heard Rage Against The Machine (but not before they were doing it), I was doing rap to rock guitars!!

I actually played this guitar part, and the bass part, which was actually done with the guitar as well. I used my blue Yamaha electric and yamaha practice amp, which my dad gave me for my 16th birthday and it was a total surprise. I came home and there was my dad playing the blues on this new guitar. I miss the FUCK out of that guitar now, because of the sentimentality. I never learned to really play it, and now I realize it’ll take a miracle and decades to ever play even close to as good as my dad, but I did use it to record stuff.

In fact now that I remember, this isn’t the first song I did with rock guitars either. The first was called “Spiderweb”, and it was on my first CD, and I’ll try to find that for ya some time.

I like the way I did the intro drums on this. I played the drum beat through my headphones and mic’d the headphones. You can hear the fans in the room in the intro. *laugh*

Lyrically this song is kinda fucked up. It goes “you took something away from me red head” – how is that remotely universal? It’s not. It’s about how my girlfriend had “cheated on me” (ie: made out with this red headed dude) and I found out a YEAR LATER, and I had freaked out and got all angry and abusive about it, and finally “came out on top” and this was this victory song about how I still had my girl and fuck you you mother fucker. It’s SO not how I would react or deal with things now. It’s so incredible and violent and just stupid.

There’s some clever stuff though. There’s a double layered metaphor in the first verse, for example. The whole song has a metaphor of the robber coming in and stealing my stuff, representing my relationship, my trust, etc. But then I say:

you came into my home
you took my fuckin telephone
you took my pictures and you took my diamonds and my pearls
you took my stereo you took my fuckin vcr
you took the youngest one in curls

*LaUGH* i love that hee hee. Instead of saying TV, I give you a metaphor FOR the TV – the youngest one in curls – The Brady Bunch. Which rhymes with pearls. That just makes me giddy.

I also like the line “if you could you’d take my face”

Also interesting to me is I’m kinda listing the contents of our apartment at the time. Specific shit, like I say “you took the money in the face and if you could you’d take my place”

“The Face” was this jar we kept our loose change we were saving in. It had a carved face on it, it was really weird. We called it “The Face”. I also like the line “you took the car and the chase” *laughs and laughs* and my weird accent on “you took my alabaster, bastard!” *LAUGhs AND LAUGHS*

And the other crazy thing I just figured out is this is a laundry list of shit I don’t care about now. TV’s, cars, cable TV, money. Well, I still want money. But yeah.

But just like in other tunes of this time, there is this thing in the lyrics that I think is brilliant without having known it. During the chorus, there’s a little weird version of me saying “too much thinkin and not enough flowin too much thinkin and not enough knowin”. That has nothing to do with the song. I did that a lot in those days, and kinda still do if I’m not careful. I’ll have lyrical elements in the chorus, or a whole chorus, which has nothing to do with the verses. Sometimes this randomness sort of creates interesting marriages, sometimes it’s just stupid. But in this song, it’s funny because out of this entire soup of violence and idiocy, where I sound like a pimply teenager (but I was never actually pimply, for the record) trying to be macho, and the throw away line, the one that I was just putting in there because I had no idea what the hell to do, is the one with real weight.

Too much thinking and not enough knowing. That’s deep, wigga.

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