Well, if you shop for M.C. Murph at Barnes And Noble or any other of many mainstream retail outlets, including iTunes, you would know this song as “Whirlwheez”, since, as I shared in another post, the goddamned distributer used to ask you to mail in a HAND WRITTEN form with the CDs. God almighty. I don’t have good handwriting, and voila.

Anyway – I have samples in this one. From Xena Warrior Princess, when Xena was crazy. Also samples from Grosse Point Blank.

Some pretty egotistical stuff in the Xena samples. Ares is the man talking. God of War. Generally a bad guy in the show. Manipulating Xena with ambitious thoughts. Seemed to also make sense to me, though. I dunno. It’s a double edged sword, talking about beating and wrestling and molding life to your will.

The problem, see, is he’s trying to convince her to kill her own mother. For some other reason of his own which i forget. I think because it’ll drive her over the edge and make her his minion. Or something.

I’m not saying much here about the SONG. Well, you can just give it a listen, then.

This album is actually discontinued, but you can probably still find it on Amazon or Borders or something – I think this will take you to being able to buy it on iTunes:
iTunes Artistic Apocalypse

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