Trains Interlude

Ok – still going through Third Option’s The Four Hard Edges Of War.

Here is track 4, “Trains Interlude”:

This has no vocals, just music. I like it. It’s ..what’s the word? Reminiscent? Or something? I like the multiple violins. I wrote a simple violin line and a fellow student at Stanford, Sandy Lin, played it. She was really rusty so it was quite inconsistent, but that was actually perfect. I had her play it 7 times. Then I panned them around and added a fake violin playing the same line. I personally liked the result.

There’s all this cutting around, and in the surround sound version the stuff gets abruptly cut from one place to another – behind you, in front, etc. That was an accident that people in class liked, so I actually made the stereo version MORE abrupt to match what I accidentally did in the surround version.

It’s weird to listen to this stuff again, and try to talk about it in a way that other people might care about. You do something like this and you really hope it moves somebody other than you, but does it? Does it matter? (I think it does) Hmmm. Nostalgic? Is that what this song sounds like?

Well tell you what, if you happen to see this, shoot me and email and tell me what stuff YOU’D like to read about or hear about… 🙂 I’m at aarontrumm @ nquit .com for purposes of this. 🙂

Meanwhile you can grab some free stuff at – just as a little thank you for even reading this 🙂

— Aaron

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