The View From Lighter Years Away

HEY! For the first time in like…what? 10 years? I’m writing these little blog posts again! Linking to TUNEZ, sayin some STUFF. 🙂

Ok…I’m gonna start in on The Four Hard Edges Of War, which is the last Third Option album, made mostly at CCRMA at Stanford. It’s a collaboration between me and Andre de Korvin, a great great poet from Houston. So first of all, here’s the first track…

The View From Lighter Years Away

That title is his – see what we did is, there’s a book by him: The Four Hard Edges Of War which as you see, we’ve also re-released as a digital book

We recorded him reading the book. Then years later, I cut up piece of that recording, and used it as inspiration and weaved it in to a bunch of avante garde techno/piano. The View From Lighter Years away is track 1, because it’s section 1 in the book. The book is four parts.

All of the music stuff on Four Hard was created in strange ways, as various homework assignments in the master’s program at CCRMA. There’s real pianos that I played, but there are also drum tracks written in linux using Hydrogen, there are noise pieces and riffs written by programs…yes I meant that. I would write programs that would write music. That was part of the course of study! Here’s a picture of the studio where a lot of this record was made:


That’s actually a picture from 2013 but it’s pretty same same.

Andre was recorded earlier – like in 2002 or so, in Houston at Rock Romano’s Red Shack.

So there you go – a short post, but a post none-the-less!

HEY! Here’s a thing – you can now grab a couple FREE Third Option tracks – just click HERE and enjoy on me! 🙂

– Aaron

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