The People United

This one’s fun. I used samples of Tamara from the song “Possibility”, and made them link to a beat, and made them slightly higher in pitch, and put several versions of her so it was more than in one in spots. So it ends up just saying “Go on, go on, go on, go on” and “The people, united, the people, united, the people, united will never be defeated”

I remember we mixed this at night with Tamara there and I think her friend Rebecca was there, and maybe somebody else like Larry or another girl or somebody. It sounded awesome in the control room 🙂

This is the only song on this album that has a MIDI piano, because I couldn’t get the piano part right in the studio. It was just a little too fast and I wasn’t on the beat enough. I just couldn’t get it. So I used a different method 🙂

‘Ol Sue Lucas over at Skylimit Music, a licensing company here in Albuquerque, likes this one. She’s been shopping it to movie and TV people, I think.

I really like the sort of – little Mandolin? sounding thing in this tune. I always dug that. There’s also a cool buzz synth that I purposefully distorted in spots. That’s one of those very subtle things that no one will ever notice. But still fun!

Here’s your buy links for this one, which I’ll have to also add to the last few posts, as I was forgetting it.

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