The Pair

Tee hee. This one has Natural Born Killers samples. “you STUPID bitch, you STUPID bitch, you STUPID bitch”. This song’s supposed to be about me and Larrisse (my then girlfriend), how we’re so badass or something. But there’s no pair, dude, because it’s not a duet. But I TRIED to have it be a duet. Wanted her to rap on it! What, like Lil Kim or something? I have no idea. I don’t know why I would think that she would want to do that.

Yeah so lyrically I feel embarassed and immature about this one. But I like the way the song sounds, and the creative distorted vocal thing. I love the bassline. I used to picture opening a concert with that beat/bassline. That’d be neat. You could walk through the crowd with sunglasses while it played over and over or something. 🙂

The other thing that I was proud of on this one is I did it using just 8 tracks. I think I never mixed this one in the big Ubik studio, I just did it all at home on 8 tracks. Bounced tracks back and forth and such. So that was cool. Hence, I learned a lot doing this song.

Well, love love and love, don’t fuck with “the pair”, y’all! *eyeroll*

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