The Far View

Here’s the second track on The Four Hard Edges Of War – The Far View.

What can I say here? As I listen I’m trying to remember how to play that piano part. It’s amazing how much you can forget. Oh there’s two piano parts. I do that a lot. Like a duet – only I’ll record in the same range – so it’s like two actual pianos rather than four hands one piano.

I love the line “..that emptiness starts to fill their space…”. I always found the poem/book (The Four Hard Edges Of War) so amazing because it’s so surreal but then if you look again at the language it’s SO plain. I think Andre’s a big ‘ol genius.

There’s all this scheme programming in this one I think. And multiple versions of the drum loop that are messed up in various ways.

“Awake and drifting through the water…”

“red faces of admirals flicker..”

That’s kind of how I hear poetry when it’s read, in these snippets surrounded by un-languaged energy swirling around. I hadn’t noticed that that’s how I then used the poem in this bunch of avante garde ass techno dance music. I was thinking of it like samples you might hear in a night club. We always thought of Third Option that way. You’d go to an underground club and hear the boom boom chi boom and then some snippet of a movie or something – it might say “danger danger go go go” or something and we wondered what it would be like if those snippets were actual poetry – and original. So here’s Andre doing this thing in snippets – and it’s much different – but hopefully honors, Andre’s meaning and energy in his original poem and reading. Of course we made the original reading available too, because HEY! 🙂 Here’s that:

Ha Ha when I hear him say stuff, I expect the beat to come in…and then it doesn’t! lol

Wow. “I would like to sleep, oblivious, of the thousand faces of corruption.” Yep.

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