third option

Two Trains

Hey! Still (slowly) writing little bits about tracks. Here is track 3 from the main The Four Hard Edges Of War: I didn’t do it on purpose (except maybe subconsciously), but I can’t help but notice the beat is sort of like – well – a train chugging along. Chigga chigga chigga chigga – CHOO …

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Monkey Rhymes

Monkey Rhymes, by Third Option Quick song. I could barely get the link and the lyrics and the buy button pasted by the time it was over! Yes this is the monkey rhymes one I talked of before that was so berated by some cat on – here it is in all it’s glory! …

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You Can Never Stop Us

You Can Never Stop Us, by Third Option Oh wow I almost forgot about this one. The thing that I like about this one, actually, is how there’s this group of dudes (multiple version of me of course) saying “you can never stop us” real fast and for most of the time, it just sounds …

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Run, by Third Option Pretty sure I improv’d this whole piece of poem here to tape. I remember a few days later I did an improv based on this – or – wait – it could be – yes I think it is – I think it’s reversed. What really happened was I did an …

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Monkey See

Here’s Monkey See, by Third Option Hmm. Maybe I should have made other songs called “monkey do” and…oh that’s the whole phrase. Some of this is improv’d too, but then I guess I wrote it down and then recorded it – or something. monkey monkey monkey see monkey do monkey make money in the back …

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