slam poetry


I have an old old song called “bring it back“. What it’s about is how I would sometimes go back into my older material, listen to it, and find out that it was better than I thought, and get all inspired. As if I was listening to someone else’s music. I’ve found over the years …

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Climb, Monkey, Climb

Climb, Monkey, Climb, by Third Option Not sure if I improv’d some of this or not. I think maybe I did. If I didn’t, then I just jotted something down real quick. You can tell by all the repetition that it’s not a long-crafted work of utter care. 🙂 I like the notion “this isn’t …

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Still Phase Motion Mix

“Still Phase Motion Mix” by Third Option. It seems like I was probably moving from one mix to the next, tweaking the next one based on the last. But I don’t necessarily remember. Sure I do! I was! Dammit! :)0 Well what can I say about this version? It’s a little different. It’s – a …

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