Still Telephone Mix

Well obviously I called this version the Telephone Mix because I “telephoned” Tamara’s voice. I used to LOVE to use that telephone effect (which is achieved simply by cutting most frequencies and boosting the ones that the telephone picks up). I felt like if I made it purposefully fucked up, didn’t let you hear the full spectrum of the original sound, then you wouldn’t be able to hear that it was originally a low quality recording. It’s a good little trick. 🙂

This one’s a good bit different now that I’m listening. It’s a bit more ethereal. That ahh ahh ooh thing brings back all kinds of memories but the weird thing is, not really memories of that session or that time, or that version of my little studio. It kind of makes me think of Austin. Maybe we were touring that summer with the slam team or something to Austin. I know we went to Austin at some point around then. We rehearsed poems in Barton Springs. Tamara peed on me in the water.

Well, enjoy.

in the cities of grey slate buildings
all night marquees
and flashing billboards of Virginia Slim and Camel Joe
we stuff our ears at the 24 hour 7 day a week diner of
fiber optic chatter
photographers take our pictures and people watch our lips go up and down on television and toast us as one of the new top ten up and coming
but we
we will not go to the desert
we will not take off our clothes
or bear our hearts
or shut our mouths

Oh and dudes(ettes!) get some free tracks right here 🙂

– Aaron

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