Still Not Gone

I always liked the sound of this one. Deep bass. Sweet. Sad. But it’s really sad. It makes me sad to listen to it now. It’s all about the past. Past dead relationships of Larry’s that sound just like past dead relationships of mine.

But then again, I think there’s something else in it, Larry would probably say. The idea of “I’m still not gone” – or something. This is one of those songs that doesn’t necessarily take a side. It just presents the story of it, in a way.

I sang back up on this and I played the drums. I think me and Larry played the drums and bass together live. I remember when I would do the soft tom roll into the chorus, Larry said how professional that sounded and he was all amazed. That was awesome. Oh yeah – it just went into the chorus – man that’s awesome!! 🙂 *laugh* I think this is actually the first drumming I did on this record, which means it’s the 2nd song I ever drummed on. 🙂

How fun! I remember our friend Daryl heard this final mix and said it wasn’t there yet – said was sparse. But we said “oh good, we wanted it to be sparse.” and we left it.

We heard people’s feedback on stuff, but we didn’t necessarily do what they said. In fact I think in most cases we didn’t. Because honestly, it would have been a lot of trouble in most cases so we usually said “meh I think we can live with that.”

It’s sort of like that line that Mitch Hedberg had, which I just saw again on youtube yesterday. “I think of a joke, and I write it down. If there’s not a pen close enough, I have to convince myself that joke ain’t funny.” (that’s a paraphrase)


Here I’ll include that in the post! 🙂

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