Ok so I got done with Frosted Mini Wheats and now I’ll just move right on to Still.

So Still was just one of the songs on Frosted Mini Wheats, and I probably said before that it was vastly different before Tamara came along. It wasn’t called Still, for one, because Still is the name of the poem, and the poem wasn’t there. And actually it really was completely different, the song that was in that spot. Tamara had ideas, which gave me ideas, I wrote new baselines, rearranged, wrote new beats, had Tamara do the poem, did bits of the poem myself, cut up the vocals, had us both sing – goddang what DID I keep from the other version? God only knows and no mortal man will ever find out because all those MIDI sequences and audio files were destroyed or lost.

That’s really stupid and bad, actually, because now with that record, and Frosted Mini Wheats, AND Cult Of Nice, I don’t have multitracks, I have nothing. I have no way to recreate and do a version without vocals or any kind of tweaked version if somebody wants it. That’s stupid stupid stupid. Oh well.

Then. Well. I’ll use the next couple blog posts to chatter a bit about the remixes of Still.

Meantime, as always, if you haven’t gotten some free Third Option stuff, click here to do that! 🙂

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