I do a lot of bluesy sort of singing – sort of – I don’t know how to describe it really – I think of it as the “Voodoo Daddy” style because I used it on my slam poem/rap/song Voodoo Daddy, which I used at slams a lot with some success. Well this song “Steam” is the first I tried that, I think.

This song is weird. It’s called Steam and the chorus is talking about steam drowning me and etc. What that means is, during this time or a little bit before it, I had had this bad deal go down with my then girlfriend, where I found out that a YEAR EARLIER she had sort of run around on me one night, making out with this other dude. The thing is now if that happened, I wouldn’t care much. But then I was totally immature and fucked up about it. Anyway eventually she told me all about it and then I kept having this picture of the steamed up windows in the car (they were in a car). So I had this chorus about the steam.

It’s one of those songs, which I’ve mentioned before, where I have this chorus that is NOTHING to do with the verses! 🙂 The verses in this song are about Joan of Arc! 🙂 I was doing my history degree and we were studying Joan of Arc in some class, I think.

My favorite is when I distort the drum/bass and say Jesus Christ in French, and I whisper! “Jesuchriste” HEE HEE! 🙂

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