Steam Dance Remembering

Steam Dance Remembering by Third Option

I’ll just stay with the systematic. That’ll keep me from having to think of a topic. I just go to the next track, and wam there’s the assignment. Steam Dance Remembering is called that because the high melody line that’s NOT piano is a patch on a synth called “Steam Bass”. I think I’ve used it in the low register as an actual bass before, but I used the high parts of it for this. I thought it sounded really dramatic or something. The themes in this tune are obvious variations on the Kennedy’s Groove themes, which was kind of the point of the project. I composed this project in track order, and it took some high number of months, what with being busy and such, so my process drifted a bit, and later in the album, there isn’t as much adherance to that plan of continue and vary the theme over time.

I remember was proud of myself for making the tempo slow down in the first few bars of this one. Ha!

Meanwhile there’s still free Third Option stuff available right here 🙂

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