Smooth Snippet Thief

Smooth Snippet Thief by Third Option

This one’s called Smooth Snippet Thief because it sounds to me like those vocal snippets are Michael Jackson (re: Smooth Criminal). I did the whole song on a totally different instrument than the others – I did it on an Ensoniq TS-12 which was in the audio lab at UNM. We called that “studio” The Boneyard because it was like an elephant boneyard. Old and dead and ancient relics piled around randomly. I actually rebuilt that whole studio and made it work for my purposes. More on that later maybe.

So all the samples in this one are legal – they were just part of the preset settings on the TS-12. It’s really just sort of this interlude piece, it doesn’t go anywhere really. I played the synth leads live and used the pitch wheel in my performance though! 🙂

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