She Owns Me

This was the second song we did, I think. I think we did Cat In The Desert first, then this one. You can tell because it uses other methods besides the straight real drums, bass, guitar shtick.

I sing on this one! It’s featuring Aaron Trumm! Aaron Trumm! This one’s also got some Larry poetry in it. Man I’m really likin this song right now. *boom chacka dance dance dance dance* hell yah!

SHE OWNS ME!! eeeyyyyeeesss gooooooo ssstaaaaiirrr (or is it stare?)

I remember really likin singin this. It has that tight rhythm. I like the tight – — rhythm.

I don’t really know what else to say about this one. I think I did a keyboard solo. Sounds like it. Lots of cool guitars. Heavy low end. Song about freakin out over a girl.

I like the line “her body’s in stereo” – that’s awesome.

Holy shit there’s so many guitars in here. Larry’s all over it, yo. Oh we had a nice outtake too – we had fun leaving things in like when there was feedback in the headphones or something and Larry’s all “whoa holy shit what was that??” or in Cat In The Desert where he’s like “dude punch out” – I love outtakes man!

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