Rest Stop Junkie

This is another one about Larry’s travels, I think. Driving across the country for 36 hours and not stopping. He’s the rest stop junkie.

Let’s see. We have machine drums on this I think, plus some real drums in places, a couple of Larry guitars, his bass, and me on piano. That was nice to have in the studio, a nice Samick grand piano. Yum. I think we actually did a little bit of playing one drum at a time action on this one, if I remember correctly. At some point during either this one or Red Backed Spider, we were doing that and Larry kept talking about the drummer from Fleetwood Mac doing that. That’s when I kept thinking how Larry knows a lot more about music and musicians than me. Being older is part of that. All I really know about Fleetwood Mac is they were like my second ever tape that I had, and when I was 8, some older boy I was riding in the back of my dad’s brown truck with, under a camper, travelling from Taos to Colorado Springs for a Taekwondo tournament, had held up a solo tape of Stevie Nicks and said “you know about Stevie Nicks? Her pussy’s so hot you could fry an egg on it.”

I didn’t really know what the hell THAT was supposed to mean.

It’s funny. This song couldn’t happen without cars. This is all about that very American sense of freedom that we all have where we can just drive across the country. Pick up and leave and not have to tell anyone or apply to anything or anything. And not really have to get all prepared like when you had to do it in a wagon and go into the frontier.

I really like the dry guitar going back and forth between the left and right speakers at the beginning. It sort of sends a jolt of comfort through me.

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