Possibility, by Third Option

I may have talked a little about this one before. There was a licensing company called Raw42, and I was giving them tracks to shop to TV and movies and such, and they rejected this track because it violated the rule that said no samples.

So I wrote back and said there’s absolutely no samples in here, all original. To which they replied “no no, the newscast in the beginning”

To which I replied “ALL ORIGINAL. That’s Tamara’s poem, she’s performing it, and I told her to act like a newscaster, and I telephoned the vocals so it would sound like a newscast in a weird way. Man I guess we did a good job at it!

What an awesome poem. Possibility. We definitely did this song live a bunch, and of course Tamara would slam with this poem. She got all kinds of 10s and stuff. Once in Taos she made this woman cry and give her a 10 and come up to us. A lot of times, Tamara would make women in their 40s and 50s cry and come up to her. They would do stuff like give us 20 dollars for a 7 dollar CD and say keep the change.

The rhythm on this song as I listen to it makes me feel like we were piloting a train to revolution. But I also feel like at some point, we just got off the train for no reason. Did we give up?

I remember I did some of the synth parts on this with this little toy casio thing – literally a toy, with like 30 keys or something, that was in the studio. And I have two live drum parts on here, both of which I played. The part in the beginning was my first ever playing of drums on a recording. What’s funny is, the tempo of that section gradually speeds up (on purpose, by design). So my first ever drumming on a record, I had to speed up gradually along with the track! How advanced! 🙂

Another cool thing in here I may have talked about before is the “boop boop boop boop” echo things and such. They were done on the piano live. I took a mic, put it in the piano, and ran it through a bunch of guitar pedals, distortion, delay, a wah-wah pedal, stuff like that. Then I ran that through an amp and mic’d that and recorded that. I had to put that amp way in another room and it was STILL a feedback nightmare. But I ended up making this crazy stuff with that setup. Boop boop boop boop. Boop boop boop boop. Tee hee!

And of course then I also put plain live piano in there. All in all a very fun track to make.

So since we’ve been talking..why don’t you – my friend, my faithful reader, get you some free Third Option stuff by clicking here. 🙂

Good talkin to ya again 🙂

— Aaron

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