Monkey See

Here’s Monkey See, by Third Option

Hmm. Maybe I should have made other songs called “monkey do” and…oh that’s the whole phrase.

Some of this is improv’d too, but then I guess I wrote it down and then recorded it – or something.

monkey monkey monkey see
monkey do
monkey make money in the back of the zoo
monkey take
monkey make
monkey make money make money monkey
make take money take monkey take
monkey take
monkey don’t like to give
now all the vicious monkeys in the jungle cage the rest in zoos


monkey jump from the bridge to the roof
monkey sit sadly in the street lights waiting for groove
monkey say
wanna plaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy????

monkey dance with demons when the day go away
monkey wants
monkey wants
monkey wants what they don’t have in santa monica zoo
monkey thinks
monkey sits
monkey finally decides to split

and now monkey gets all fucked up on qualudes and burnt toast
and all monkey wants to do is fuck some little monkey girls
but monkey girls know better than to fuck with monkey now
’cause monkey look more like an ape these days
all buffed up on horse hormones
lookin like he mighta gone to mad monkey land
“yeah, i’m mad,” monkey says
“I’m really really mad! because they don’t play my song anymore!”
“because they won’t give me what I want anymore”
“because all those things we talked about before ain’t happenin anymore”
“because I NEED my monkey greed, motherfucker”
“and I’mon wrap my tail around any tree limb coca leaf twig bean or branch”
“that takes me outta this fucked up America of broken monkey lives”
“i’m not a monkey, I’m just a brown man with a brown plan”
“and maybe you oughtta remember that the next time you slap my hand”
“yeah, monkey read, monkey think, monkey LEAD”
“monkey rise up and make a revolution”
“how many king kongs are there?”
“only ONE”
“and when he falls,
“all the monkeys and lions and wildebeasts in the jungle are gonna have a little love in”
“til there ain’t no more powder cane monkeys spillin poison in the jungle streets”
“til there ain’t no more woe or wonder or hard monkey choices”
“til the rest of us take charge”
“and NOBODY calls us monkey anymore!!!”

Meanwhile, still have some free stuff at 🙂

– Aaron

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