Kong, by Third Option

and here we are
at the green leafy apocalypse of it all
fallen down
broken bones

temptation sin and banishment
here we are
in the locker rooms and candlewax shops we forgot about
everything torn down and overrun

king kong fallen in the night
done in by monkeys
mighty mighty mad world
might wonder why the jungle does this

but we all know
it was the aching sun at fault
comparing the trusses of the castles of the sky to arms
making as much sense as a garden full of monkeys
laughing laughing laughing
crazy at the sight of king kong’s blood

“some might have thought,” they howled
as he felt long ago
how one ape rule the land
tile monkeys merge one day
on high ground

til one becomes 10 becomes a million of us
joined by the tail

standing in the blazing sun
one mega monkey with a crown
groping for a name

we forgot the last
we beat sense into our own breast and put the smaller monkeys back
we call ourselves king
and kong sits soon to follow

Hmm. Interesting. A lot in here. I’ll just listen.

You too! 🙂 If you haven’t already, you can get some free downloads at thirdoptionmusic.com 🙂

– Aaron

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