Kennedy’s Groove

[sc_embed_player fileurl=”″] Kennedy’s Groove by Third Option

I didn’t know whether to be systematic or random all over the map in posting about this stuff. Today I guess I decided on systematic. This one, Kennedy’s Groove, is also from the first Third Option album, Frosted Mini Wheats, which, I’ll say again, isn’t for sale, because of the way the industry works. Years ago I actually sent the material off to the plant to print 1000 copies of this thing, and they wouldn’t print it because it had samples – not samples of music, but samples of lines from stuff. The funny thing is, a year before that, I pressed 1000 of Artistic Apocalypse, my second “hip-hop” (I use the term loosely) album, and it had movie samples all over it too. At that time, you could do that, and all you had to do was give credit on the liner notes, and no one could stop you. But in that year or two, everything changed drastically, and suddenly you couldn’t do that. You had to clear any sample, and probably pay for it, and fill out a lot of release forms, and sampling became such a hassle that now I avoid it like the plague.

It was even to the point where I was giving a song from a later Third Option album to a licensing firm, and they went back and forth with me for AGES, not allowing the song into the library even though they liked it, because they heard what they THOUGHT were samples, and I kept telling them, “NO YOU MORONS, that is ORIGINAL POETRY PERFORMED AND RECORDED BY US!!” But I had made Tamara sound like a newscaster and they just did not get it. So the whole sample freak out even effects original art, making you think twice about being creative with your vocal performance. Ultimately it’s really stupid, and I think based in an incredible idiotic fear. People running around so afraid of not having the rent and money for their diapers and boats and large house that they MUST claim some sort of ownership and get money every time something they did is heard, touched or breathed on. Another point of view might say that it’s not costing you money or time for that recording to be used.

I’m not sure which side I fall on, really, because I know that I’d rather all that stuff out there that I’ve done would bring me some income. Residual income is really something I would love. So I dunno *shrug*

Oh, here’s the song that those (out of business now) licensing dudes couldn’t get had no samples:

[sc_embed_player fileurl=”″] Possibility by Third Option

By the way, Kennedy’s Groove is called that simply because the sample that leads into it is Bobby Kennedy. I ripped the sample from a Michael Jackson CD (History II) where they sampled all kinds of stuff like that. I think maybe that old political speech stuff is in the public domain. Not sure. Michael Jackson probably owns tthe rights to it if it’s not.

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