It’s Been So Long

It Hasn’t Been Easy by Third Option

Welp this is the next track on Frosted Mini Wheats. What I like about this is the samples are legal in that they’re the voice of my first recording mentor, Manny Rettinger. At least I think it’s his voice – to tell the truth it doesn’t sound like his voice. But the story goes, he gave me an Ensoniq Mirage sampling keyboard. That beast is one of the very first samplers to come out, and it’s got a kind of famous gritty sound. I kinda wish I still had that thing, but in my move out of California, all things heavy like that had to go. Plus it was dead/dying.

ANYwho, Manny gave me that thing, along with all his disks. Well at some point he and some people had sampled that “it’s been so long” and “it hasn’t been easy” stuff for God knows WHAT project. I never have asked about that. So obviously I named the song after one of the samples. The cool fun part was on the Mirage (or any other sampling keyboard), you sample stuff and then you play it back with the keyboard. And of course you can change pitch by using a different key (one key will be designated as the key that plays the sample back at the normal pitch). So I played these voices and recorded it via MIDI, see, and then the MIDI sequencer played back…well you get the jist; I said I wouldn’t get too technical 🙂

Uhhh…it hasn’t been….easy. Jerk! Call her already!

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