Interlude 1: That Death Cat

“I’ve seen a figure in a cape…” *LAUGH* YEAH!!! This is just a lyricless interlude tune. Almost like having a skit (remember when every damn rap album had skits?), but music, not a skit. The drums are sampled again! They’re a sample from Fun Lovin Criminals, and it’s sped up. Again, fuck you RIAA. Then there’s samples from The Frighteners (one of the all time great cult classics! So fun!) and then a sample from Braveheart, just for cheese I guess.

The dumb thing on this is I don’t know what I was doing, if maybe I was too lazy or something, but I don’t fade the Braveheart sample out in a good spot or anything. There’s all the commotion of dudes talking and it just cuts off. I should have cut it off at “I go to make sure that they have it” but somehow I just didn’t do it. WTF? The Frighteners sample is that way too. Somehow I just left this extra bit in where the guy goes “i’ve studied the coroner’s reports from every d—” and i just cut him off mid word! The end of that sample was supposed to be, in my mind it was, in my artistic sense, the end of it for ME, is “you killed your wife!” “NO!!!”

But somehow I just let it go on. WHAT THE FUCK, AARON???

I actually convinced myself that the Braveheart sample fit the theme of the record at the time. I think the whole bit about squabbling for the scraps from the King’s table. But also, the part where he says “why? why is that impossible?” That’s basically my whole thing, and that’s what NQuit really means. Yes it’s “never never quit” but really the more important part of the never never quit philosophy to me is the idea that anything is possible. So that whole thing of him doing the impossible, that was verification that I wasn’t the only one trying to say that.

So I put it on the record, using some kind of twisted logic to tell me that that fit the theme. Actually the logic still makes sense to me, now that I think about it *mad scientist furrow*

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