How the hell do they DO that?

I’ve been in lots of studios, compared to the average person, and I have to tell you, when I listen to the latest Madonna stuff, I cannot for the life of me understand it. These mixes sound SO incredible on EVERY damn speaker. I hear the stuff and I say “how the hell do they DO this?”. I cannot understand how it gets so present. And I have a master’s degree in “computer research in music and acoustics” aka “music, science and technology” from Stanford University.

I mean is it just the effort/time put in? I mean for sure you can’t go from something, say, I’ve done and make it turn into this stuff just in the final mastering stage. That much is obvious. But even the mixes, it’s like they’ve got better sources to begin with. I – I – I. Erg man.

Listening to Madonna’s “Confessions On A Dance Floor” right now on some new little studio monitors I got. Goddang.

That’s the thing that making recordings has always been for me. This relentless need to make it sound “real”, to make it sound as good as the records I hear. Unfortunately I feel like I’m just perpetually behind. Granted I work with comparatively NO resources. But that’s something that always grated on me, was that in order to do recordings that well, you have to try and access this money and power thing.

I guess that’s true about most things. That sort of brings up the question of where money, power and intent cross over.

I’ll come back and edit this and put some sort of link to a track from this record when I’m not so tired.

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