Eyes Glazed Over

[sc_embed_player fileurl=”http://www.nquit.com/sounds/ThirdOption/FrostedMiniWheats/17ThirdOptionEyesGlazedOver.mp3″] Eyes Glazed Over by Third Option

This one really IS boring, but it’s almost supposed to be. *LAUGH* It’s actually not as boring as I thought, listening to it now. Again I was gladder about the mix on this one than previous ones. I guess the process was improving. This is another one without words or samples. It’s sort of long too. I guess in this section of this record is when things die down.

Records do that a lot. I remember feeling like Moby’s “Play” got mellow and boring at the end. I didn’t do it that way on purpose. It’s almost like this universal tug toward making it like a party so that 40 minutes in, everybody’s drunk and high and mellow and wanting to die down, fall asleep, enter into the ether.

That reminds me of being at this one get together in Dallas with a bunch of wiccan friends who were also quite into the drug action, and being locked away in one of those bedrooms with the windows so dark and covered that no light ever enters, so you never know what time it might be (which is a great way to break out of boxes and enter into the primal pre-creation, nothing is real state). We were in there all night, of course, and everyone was getting higher and higher. I drank a beer or something, maybe one hard liquor drink, not enough to even buzz, really, and I didn’t do any drugs. I somehow didn’t feel comfortable doing it. There were a lot of people I didn’t know there. At some point they put on Third Option “Still”, which is a five track maxi-single – it’s the same song over and over. I mean it’s remixes, but it’s still the same song. And they had that on the stereo or boombox in this bedroom on repeat. It was piles of young, high bodies all over beds and floors, and we were all falling asleep with Still going over and over and over, guiding us into that ether. It was hyper surreal. It was especially hyper surreal to be carried into the spirit realm of sleep and dream and maliability by your own music.

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