Dance Uncle

[sc_embed_player fileurl=”″] Dance Uncle by Third Option

Man I’m listening to this one on my new little studio monitors, which reveal a lot, and godDANG the bass is too much and too muddy. Well, to me anyway. You’ll still love it

I like this one because I have these samples from that same cassette tape of The Crucible and I always thought those women sounded so incredibly sexy. I imagine them as these svelt hotty dancer/actress types. Especially the evil chick. What a naughty hotty, to do a little rhyming. “SHUT IT!”

There’s a remix of this one where I replace once of the tracks with a fake saxophone, and it’s a line that’s probably impossible to play on a saxophone, so it sounds neat. I called that the Saxomophone 2000 Mix or something like that. 2000 is for the year.

The thing about this whole album is I recorded and mixed it all at home, and it’s the first thing I ever “released” where I did that. I only had one 8 track recorder so I did a lot of bouncing tracks back and forth (a LOT – in fact I had to be pretty inventive). The unfortunate thing about all this stuff is I have no way to recreate it – no multitracks, no MIDI sequences, I don’t have most of the synths I was using, nothing. So if ever there’s a big movie soundtrack that wants some remixed version, tough luck.

Imagine painstakingly trying to recreate the timbres and tones and lines of this stuff using different instruments and recording techniques. Wow what a job that would be.

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