Cult Of Nice!!!

Well. I kinda got done with Artistic Apocalypse.

So I think I’ll move on to some Third Option.

So here is the title track/opening track to the Third Option album Cult Of Nice which me and Tamara (Nicholl) worked on at Rock Romano’s Red Shack in Houston.

The album is based on this essay that Tamara wrote in college about dark heroes and the cult of “nice”. It’s really an incredible piece of work, I think (the essay). There’s actually clips of her reading the essay in the album, in this track, in fact. She’s doing a poem called “Airborne” in the beginning. Then she reads from the essay. “we have cast what we have named as dark aside”

I love the end of the Airborne poem, when she goes “soon, we will not be accustomed, to Earth”, and the beat rips back in. FUCK that’s cool.

This song kicks ass I think. I like it. This is one of those songs that people have heard and said “why aren’t you famous” to which I replied, “because it doesn’t work like that” or “i dunno why don’t you go spread the word?” or something.

It seems like I’ve talked about the intro somewhere before. I left this space on the tape and improv’d the intro, knowing that I would have to stop sooner or later when the beat, which was already on tape, came in. My buddy Larry Lines was engineering, and we rolled, and I did the thing, first take. And I somehow knew exactly where to lay my last chord so that the beat came in perfect. No we did not slide that around or edit that. I just happened to land it perfectly the first time.

I came in to listen and we heard that and Larry got all excited and punched me right in the arm. Fuckin A!, he was saying! We loved it!!

Hey – thanks for reading this as always – feel free, my friends, to go get some FREE THIRD OPTION STUFF right HERE! 🙂

— Aaron

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