The Four Hard Edges Of War

A Lifetime

Yet another one! Here is track 5 from The Four Hard Edges Of War, “A Lifetime”: I remember this was was more dense in the beginning. It was really an improvement to make it more sparse to start. Space and silence really is your friend in music. I actually really hate wall of sound stuff, …

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Trains Interlude

Ok – still going through Third Option’s The Four Hard Edges Of War. Here is track 4, “Trains Interlude”: This has no vocals, just music. I like it. It’s ..what’s the word? Reminiscent? Or something? I like the multiple violins. I wrote a simple violin line and a fellow student at Stanford, Sandy Lin, played …

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Two Trains

Hey! Still (slowly) writing little bits about tracks. Here is track 3 from the main The Four Hard Edges Of War: I didn’t do it on purpose (except maybe subconsciously), but I can’t help but notice the beat is sort of like – well – a train chugging along. Chigga chigga chigga chigga – CHOO …

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