Still Phase Motion Mix

“Still Phase Motion Mix” by Third Option. It seems like I was probably moving from one mix to the next, tweaking the next one based on the last. But I don’t necessarily remember. Sure I do! I was! Dammit! :)0 Well what can I say about this version? It’s a little different. It’s – a …

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Still Telephone Mix

Well obviously I called this version the Telephone Mix because I “telephoned” Tamara’s voice. I used to LOVE to use that telephone effect (which is achieved simply by cutting most frequencies and boosting the ones that the telephone picks up). I felt like if I made it purposefully fucked up, didn’t let you hear the …

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Still Fade To Black Mix

Something I really love that I might not expect someone like me to love, is remixes.  I don’t mean somebody sampling somebody else’s song and turning it into some mashup.  That’s a new thing that people are calling remixing but it’s not.  Remixes, to my mind, are new versions of songs that take the original multitrack audio …

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Ok so I got done with Frosted Mini Wheats and now I’ll just move right on to Still. So Still was just one of the songs on Frosted Mini Wheats, and I probably said before that it was vastly different before Tamara came along. It wasn’t called Still, for one, because Still is the name …

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