[sc_embed_player fileurl=”″] Buzzsaw by Third Option

Well this one I called Buzzsaw just because I was using this buzz patch for the main “theme”. Obviously this one just doesn’t pick up from the previous song’s theme at ALL – it’s just a new thing. I remember liking how the drum mix came out on this one. Seemed balanced and tight and translatable system to system.

This one doesn’t have any sample or vocals or anything and I always thought of it as sort of boring, to tell the truth. Then again it’s dancy. Dancy music can be nice to dance to in a club but not as interesting to sit and listen to as if you were watching a show or something. I felt inventive, though, toward the end, when I set up the weird organ/sine wave thing to slowly change pitch and go down down down. I was just playing with things I guess.

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