Bodies (The “hidden” track)

This is the “hidden” track on Cult Of Nice. It’s not really hidden on the CD, per se. It’s just track 12 – but there’s a 13 second delay before it starts, and it’s not listed on the liner notes on the CD. But everywhere digital, it’s just there.

I did this one all by myself 🙂 – Meaning Tamara was out of town, and I did the whole thing in one night and surprised her with it. I used some outtakes of her going “sometimes silence is sexy” and did some weird feedback stuff where I set up this mic and had the speakers in the room on, and noticed it was making WEIRD feedback noises, so I recorded them!

Then I was putting together this track by myself and drinking a lot of beer. Then I sort of improv’d the poetry stuff live on the mic and such. It was very fun. I did some creative stuff that I was sort of proud of, like some tempo changes, including a sort of tempo fade, and also a sort of key change where the organ slowly morphs into a lower key. I did all that using MIDI techniques, not audio manipulation. It was neat.

Then I liked how it got all nutballs at the end and had the shaky strings going “wwwaaaahhh!!!” “brraarrwwww!!!” But my favorite thing about this track was always the bassline. It just always made me happy and sounded badass.

This one’s one to listen to all the way through because of all those strings and piano changes. It’s not a “chorus verse chorus” type of “song”. In fact I remember thinking that I was trying to write it in some sort of linear progression like classical music.

Oh that’s a trip. I never realized til just this second that standard pop music is actually circular. I never would have attributed a sort of Eastern way of doing things to an essentially Western art but there you go. Pop music is circular. Whereas classical music is linear. Not sure all classical music is linear, but some is, I guess.


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