Austin Nights

My friend Spec who we just married off helped me perform this song one time. We dressed her and this hot blonde Molly (spelling might be wrong) up all sexy and they paraded around and acted too good for everybody while I rapped this song. It was great 🙂

The irony is, now I’ve just started rehearsing a new band. Right now it’s a three piece: me on keys and vocals, a drummer, and a guitarist. The guitarist was in a relationship with said Spec for 5 years after having met that night when she was being my too cool for school girl. Of course they broke up, she married someone else, and that sucks for my guitaring friend.

I think I might have talked about this song before. The first verse is about Babyface writing songs for TLC and the second verse is about the hit factory.

It’s sort of fucked up because right this second I’m not feeling that whole angry DIY feeling. Right this second I’m overwhelmed with too many different fucking things to do, which creates lack of focus, which makes one suck at everything a little, and I kind of almost WISH I was sitting in a room with a pad and a pen writing songs and doing nothing else. Let Quincy Jones run around putting it on the air.

Of course, I don’t think I want to say seven hail mary’s every billboard notch my song drops! 🙂

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