Artistic Apocalypse Title Track

Well, here’s the title track. I remember Manny Rettinger said I absolutely needed to redo the chorus singing better. I wish I’d’ve listened to stuff like that. But it was so hard to get back in the studio for a mix, partly because mixing on an analog board means you can’t just recall it and make a fix. Man we used to take sheets of paper and write down where all the knobs were set and patch cables were plugged. Holy CRAP that was complicated. 24 tracks each with 10 knobs, plus 10 outboard processors. Recalling that is a nightmare, let me tell you.

Anyway I didn’t redo those vocals. Man I didn’t realize how compressed that snare drum is. It sounds strange, but neat in a way.

Anyway boy howdy, I guess I doomed myself to never working with any mo-town people on this record. I also wish I wouldn’t have that strange wigger accent on my r’s. It’s actually easier to rap that way, though.

Well, what else can I say? Enjoy this rendition of smooth jazzy trip hop anger.

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