[sc_embed_player fileurl=”″] Applemania by Third Option

I called this one Applemania because it has just an incredible amount of Beatles samples that I took off a vinyl record. Then there’s some samples from this vinyl record of whale song that I got from a national geographic magazine. It was all floppy. Because vinyl records could be all floppy.

I’m not even sure this is really any good, this tune. It always seemed a little boring to me. But sometimes I like it. The first rap verse is weird – it’s actually supposed to be the theme song to a movie that I had in my head. I would do that. I would think of a possible movie, and then record a theme song about it as if the movie was actually being made. It’s just so weird. Then I threw in a rap verse from an old song that never really made the cut or got finished. So basically I was lazy.

The thing that makes me want to post it, though, is that this “song” can’t really ever be released because of the samples. So it’s just this glaring example of the extreme limitation on what you can really hear, because of how the industry works.

Well at any rate, download free stuff from Third Option HERE 🙂

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