Another Yesterday

This is another one that I think is the hit single on the record. I played the drums on this one too. I think this one was co-written by Larry and his friend Mark Pringle a long long time ago. Maybe just Mark. We never could find Mark to make him join BMI and give him the credit in case we made money. Never made any money to date though so whatever.

I just noticed the line “as a dream I cannot live a life I cannot dream” – that’s awesome. That’s just awesome.

Now I’m listening to the guitar solo section. Very nice. I like that we put a new bassline in there for the solo section, run through some kind of weird amp or setting. The funny thing is I don’t remember much about doing this song. I remember it sounds really neato and I think it’s a single, but I can’t remember what we did with that bass, for example. It’s like there’s just this day where we knocked this song out and didn’t think about it and moved on or something. How utterly strange.

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