Alladin’s Groove

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I really always loved the melody on this one. I think I was proud of the drum mix being tight and balanced too. I must have been getting better at that. But yeah I always thought this was pretty. It reminds me of nightmare before Christmas but I think that’s mostly because I was making this tune when we were playing that playstation game with the guy with the jack-o-lantern head, and THAT reminds me of nightmare before christmas.

There’s something very Albuquerque about that time. i get the feeling alot that Albuquerque definitely has a subset who are really really not seeking anything, especially any kind of glory or fame, but they’d rather find a niche working in IT someplace or repairing computers or something, and hunkering down with their girl/boyfriend playing playstation or WOW and really just be content. Be interested in D&D type stuff, swords, games, magick, and lay low. It’s a thing that I sometimes will long for, but doesn’t necessarily always satisfy me. But I think there’s really something valuable in it.

At any rate, that’s what this tune makes me think of. The lyrics, which are purposefully disguised just a little, are “alladin rubs his lamp and genie grants a wish, but now alladin has a greedy price to pay” and now that I type them, they seem pretty racist in a way, because the lyric is referring to Sadaam Hussein (back during the FIRST US/Iraq conflict – Daddy Bush vs. Sadaam). I thought I was referring to Sadaam being greedy and then having the U.S. come down on him, ’cause I was simple like that then. But now I read the lyric and think of Sadaam having dealings with the Bush family (something I didn’t know about back then – i really thought they were cut and dried enemies) and getting bitten by trying to be in bed with the evil superpower. Or some shit. But it sounds racist because I called Sadaam “Alladin” and that seems racist. To lump together all remotely middle eastern cultures and people from all areas of space and time, implying that Sadaam Hussein is the same as Alladin.

Then again, you don’t really get the lamp/genie analogy going by saying “Sadaam rubs his lamp”. You just sound like you’re talking about him masturbating.

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