A Lifetime

Yet another one! Here is track 5 from The Four Hard Edges Of War, “A Lifetime”:

I remember this was was more dense in the beginning. It was really an improvement to make it more sparse to start. Space and silence really is your friend in music. I actually really hate wall of sound stuff, even though I think there are times when I do it. This is weird, as I listen, I almost forgot how there’s this drum track that’s all filtered and panning back and forth left and right over and over.

“As silence spread like fog, over the blood stained earth.” Every time I listen, I hear a line by Andre that gets me.

“Yes, no, yes, no…I was the blood that had never seen the outside light.”


He’s talking about World War II, if I hadn’t told you (I think I did, here).

This record is so much more mellow than I really expected. To me, anyway. It sort of trances along, honoring the story of Andre’s words, and there are times, honestly, when I wish it would pump the hell up more. Sometimes I feel like it’s guitars that do that and when you’re alone in a studio in the deep of night and you don’t PLAY the guitar (or have one), then what you have to do is come up with something…usually it’s some kind of crazy distortion :)…

Who’s a fan of distortion? “WE ARE WE ARE WE ARE!!” 😉

Alright enough blabber for now – by now if you’ve been reading these you’ll know that you can actually pick up some free Third Option stuff, and I always leave you with that opportunity. So…Click THIS for free stuff 🙂

– Aaron

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