When we were doing this album, I felt like this one was the best mixed. I also feel like it has a different quality than the rest of the album. It seems more like one of those mellow electronica things I’ve heard. Or something. I also think it feels more light (i don’t mean as opposed to heavy, I mean as opposed to dark). But the words, I guess, really aren’t light. In fact they have another piece of that essay talking about “without our shadow” we only have half of ourselves to draw upon for strength and stuff.

There’s all these lines that weave in here that I forgot about like “rise and join us”. And I like the androgonous Tamara voice that I made by pitch shifting her down a little bit. There’s also a few lines in here that I wrote on the spot in the studio. So me and Tamara both wrote the words on this one.

I’m sort of surprised I made this song. I hear it and go “whoa, I did that?”

I’ve actually been really impressed with this album as I blog about it. I think it’s pretty dang good. There’s so much to it, too.

I REALLY love the message of this song. “Words that have weight are like stones. stones when dropped causes ripples in the pond of the world. we will drop them into the world until everything has changed”

are we still doing that?

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